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Frederick Duncan McKinnon
Fred was born at Charlotte Waters N.T. on the 15th November 1909, the second son of
Alexander James and Mary McKinnon. He had one brother and six sisters.
Stories of Fred's youthful jubilance has been told often. One such story is that he was
dressed up as an emu and was playing around up on the top of a hill near their home at
Charlotte Waters. His father was trying out a rifle and was aiming at Fred thinking it was
an animal when someone shouted out "Don't shoot, that's Fred".
In his adult life he was always very immaculate in his dress with ties and kerchiefs matching
and shoes polished.
The article from the "Everylady's Journal" was found by Fred when he worked in the G.P.O.
in Adelaide, at Victoria Square. He copied it and gave it to his mother. 
He was a truck driver and saw war service in the second World War in the Western Desert Campaign. 
He died on 11th June 1987 and was Cremated at Centennial Park.
He is buried at the "Derrick Gardens of Rememberance", in the War memorial section.