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Frederick & Eliza Janet Willard

Frederick was born at Moonta to Robert & Miriam in 1870. Eliza was born in 1872 in England.

Frederick died in 1943 and Eliza in 1948. They are both buried in the Moonta Cemetery in SA.
A Memorial plaque for their son Frederick, who was killed in WW1 is installed at their gravesite.

Fred played cricket for Yelta Cricket Club for the Premiership team of York Penninsular
Cricket Association in 1908/9. His photo in the team is displayed at the Moonta Museum.

Frederick met his wife at a hotel where she was working. They were married in Broken Hill NSW,
then they went to WA mining for Gold when first married. Their first two children were born
in a tent over there.  They tried mining for Copper at Palmer with no luck. 

They lived in a small stone cottage at Palmer high up on a hill. Eliza would walk down to the
shop with two children in the pram and then push them back up the very steep hill with the