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Stanley Gordon Rowntree
Born at Ardrossan SA, the eldest son. In 1943 Stan joined the Air Force at 18 years and went 
to Canada to do his training, graduated at nineteen as Sergeant (navigator). 
He met Ronda McKinnon at Moonta where they were married, after which they bought "Barooka" 
property out of Kingston SE. He started the first saw mill in the district of Kingston SE SA. in 1948. 
They sold out to Roger Goode and moved back to Ardrossan in 1953 to part of the family farm where 
he started a dairy farm and milk round. He and Ronda moved back to Kingston in 1964 where he bought 
460 acres on the Salwells Road near Mt Benson, and grazed cattle from Ardrossan. 
During this time Stan, Peter and Terry contracted hay baling, plowing and seeding. An Artisian Bore 
was put in and they also commenced irrigating Lucerne. 
Around 1970 they sold the property and moved to near Robe, where they had a fuel agency and 
transport business, carting stock and general freight interstate and local. They moved to Adelaide 
in 1978, where Stan commenced brick paving. His first large project was the Reynella East Campus 
where Stan &Terry stayed in a caravan at his brother in law Barry McKinnon's house near the school. 
The project took around 3/4 months. This led to many paving contracts around Adelaide and in particular the 
Pt Adelaide council, where he did foot paths and the mall. They then bought a house in Foley St, Salisbury. 
He went up to Ulara when the new motel complex was buiilt and worked laying the brick pavers 
around the complex.
Around 1984 they bought a property in shares with the youngest son, Colin at Angle Vale. 
As Stan was a returned soldier he was eligable to retire at the age of 60 years. 
He loved it at Coober Pedy and was a talented brush painter in his own right. 
He died of bowel cancer at Llyall McEwin Hospital in Feb 1996. He is buried at the same cemetery 
as his father and mother at Williaston SA.