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Alexander James McKinnon
Alec Worked at Hill River Station near Clare in S.A. He left home at an early stage,
droving cattle through NT & Qld. He had a son by Cobb (aboriginal)
when 28 yrs old then married Mary Walsh at aged 40 yrs. He and Mary had 2 boys and 6 girls. 
Mary did not know of Alexander Jnr. Alexander and Mary were married in 1902
and moved to Charlotte Waters where Mary ran the Government store and Alexander
the Government Bore. Alec's father and Mary's father both died in 1902.  Alec was a
stock dealer when he married Mary, records show that he sold horses to a Mr Sanford
of Mt Dare Station. He was a Drover with Kidman and away for months at a
time. The family lived on properties near water holes out from Oodnadatta and in the 
mid north. As the water dried up they moved on.(as quoted in Everylady's
Journal). Alexander became ill with face cancer and lanced it to treat it. It spread
& he finally rode his horse to the Inland Mission Station at Oodnadatta
to see Dr Flynn (see book Flynn of the Inland) but it was too late. Flinn sent him 
to Pt Augusta hospital & they sent him on to Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide.
He wrote to his family from Pt Augusta saying how he was looking out from the
window at the sea. (The letter cannot be found at this time). Whilst he was in hospital,
influenza struck his whole family and they were lucky to be saved. A black
fellow came in from where they were living with a note from Mary that they were all ill. 
The Sister from the Inland Mission Station at Oodnadatta went out to help & assisted
them into a wagonette. The axle broke crossing a creek bed; some of the
children were brought in by a station owner's car and the remainder
walked in approx. 30 miles. Alexander William (Bill) told of their walk and how they made 
camp fires at night in case someone came for them (See book The Man from Oodnadatta). 
Their chest containing opals and other personnel possessions had to be left behind;
it has not been recovered. The Royal Adelaide Hospital noted on Alec's death
certificate that he had 8 children, with 1 male deceased which was correct 
as he didn't know that his son John had died at birth in Oodnadatta two days 
prior to his own death. He actually had 9 children altogether (including AlexanderJnr).
Information gained in March 2000 shows Alexander James was buried at
West Terrace Cemetery in Adelaide in an unleased plot, called an ordinary
ground plot. There was no entitlement to the family and therefore no
headstone. The plot was hence released to a family called Potter on 27th
March 1950 where there are now three bodies buried.