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Alexander McKinnon Jnr

Alexander Jr was the son of Alexander James McKinnon, born September
1890. His mother was an aboriginal called Cobb from Mt Dare via
Charlotte Waters. Alexander was educated in Clare; he possibly boarded
with his Uncle (brother of Alexander) who had property there. He enlisted
in the Army on 3rd May 1915, was sent to Ballarat for training,
embarking from Adelaide on 12th August 1916. He disembarked on 30th Sept
1916 at Devonport England. Marched at Codford on 30th Sept 1916 at 6 pm
Proceeded to France on 25th Nov 1916 & ultimately killed in the Battle
of Paschendale in Belgium on 4th October 1917. Place of death is listed
as 29 The Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, in Belgium. He was in the 43
Infantry battalion and was issued with the British War Medal and the
Victory Medal. He was listed as AWL on several occasions in his war
records and was admitted to hospital on several occasions during his
war service. He was skilled with horses, having mustered up North with
his father. His mother, Cobb was given extra rations from the property
& had special care. He was born 12 years before Alexander married Mary
Walsh. Mary did not know of Alexander Jnr until he was killed in action.
Alexander was boarding the train to go to Pt Augusta for treatment for
his face cancer when the postmaster delivered notice to him. He said to
his eldest white son Bill, "What will I tell Mary, she doesn't know of
Alexander". The postmaster brought over the letter sent from the War
Commission, but we believe that it was many months after Alexander Jnr
died that he received notification. Mary made inquiries in July 1921
from Kadina, and Medals and personnel affects were sent to her after
her husband died. Personnel affects included Letters, Cards, Photos,
Testament and Wallet. 2 books, Pipe 2 Bag Handles, 2 Handkerchiefs, 
Inkwell, Purse and 2 straps. These were sent to Mr. Kinnear, Surveyor
General's Office, Govt. Buildings, Adelaide S.A. with next of kin as
Mother, Mrs. A McKinnon Charlotte Waters Northern Territory S.A.
We assume that Mary received them, but can find no trace as having been
kept. They were not returned to the War Office. Gratuity accumulated
during the war by Alexander Jnr was awarded to "Cobb" but were sent to
the Protector of Aborigines in Adelaide. Harold Sydney Bayly of Quorn,
Inspector of Stock Roads was the Executor of his Will. He was listed
as 1 deceased male child on his father's death certificate.(No trace
can be found from the War Memorial in Canberra of a photograph of
Alexander in war records)