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Donald MacKinnon

Donald was born in Morvern, County of Argyll, Scotland in 1807. His father was Hugh
Mackinnon and his mother Betty Cameron. Mary was born in Gorbals, county of Lanark,
Scotland.  Donald and wife Mary with their son Archibald, left Greenock on
31st October 1839, arriving at Pt Adelaide on 11th March 1840 in the 428 tonne Barque
"Tomatin". The ship carried 119 passengers plus crew. The Master of the ship was Daniel Wingate
with a crew of 24. Stores they carried included 100 gallons Brandy, 300 lb Tobacco, 10 Gallons
Whisky, 100 Gallons Gin and 63 tons Salt. Donald and Mary settled in South Australia,
where they raised their family. They worked at Hill River Station just outside Clare.
He died at 11 Wright St, (Hope Cottage) Clare in 1890. Mary died at Hill River Station in 1899. 
In the mid 1800's Mackinnon became McKinnon. Records from State Records Adelaide,
show that he owned 110 acres in Amargh, via Clare S.A. Section 3027, 138 which had
40 acres in crop and a hut.